Even Eagles Drown.

I was born a eagle.

A eagle who loved to fly.


I grew so strong,.

I flew so high.


I was soon forced to go to school.

I held the books upon my wings.


I flew a little lower, but had control of things.


I was soon forced to get a job.

The materials required stacked so high.


Again, I flew a little lower, my speed a little slower.


I was soon expected to find a wife.

In order to have a happier life.


I happened to find the girl of my dreams.

But, when struggles got hard she became so mean.


With her words on my wings, I began to lose control of things.


It was then I learned pain hurts more,

When it’s inside my brain.


My wings grew weaker one day

As I glided over the bay.


I did not wake up thinking,

I would be taking a dive today.


I’m an eagle, bold and strong.

Yet, when my body hit the water that became so wrong.


My wings would no longer flap.

In that moment I wished I could take the dive back.


Flap. Flap.






My heart rate soon slowed to

Pat.   Pat. Pat.


The books began to fall.

One by one, they all.


Then materials from my job

As I let out a sob.


I was left now with my heaviest weight.

That being my mental state.


As the water filled my lungs I remembered our first date.  

It didn’t take long for me to lose all my hate.


I’m wishing now I could reach the surface,

And live my second life with purpose.


I do not feel anymore pains,

As the blood stops running through my veins.


All I see now is black,

Except the sound of a tiny crack.


Crack.   Crack.


And for a moment I can see,

I can see a baby eagle just like me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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