When I feel alone she helps me relate

To a new world we create

Through war and hate our end initiates

And until then we meet again


Through metals and gases she comes near

When standing isn’t an option she will be near

When your breath hurts she will be near

When you feel alone she will be near

When you feel like all is loss she is near

And until then we meet again


For good or bad in the end through her we relate

A love that never ends

A caretaker that never leaves

She doesn’t hate, she doesn’t abandon

She will forever remain,

And until then we meet again.


When you feel your last breath leave your pained body

When the hope of seeing daylight goes away after the darkness comes

When the midnight howl of passed life touches your body

When the ends of your days have arrived

Until then we will meet again




When the abyss of nothingness becomes your reality

When the elements that create who you are dissipate

When the composition of your soul is disrupted


Only then will we meet again,

When goodbye to all becomes the only hello

When I finally fall into your dear arms

When at last I feel the embrace of your cloak of relief

When there is no more pain

When I can finally call you my dear,


Only then would we have met again.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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