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As a young adult looking back on the past, the amount of mistakes made is unfathomable. I feel as if the most important is something we all struggle with everyday. 

And within everyday, we tend to ignore this issue over and over again, turning a blind eye as if it'll go by, if we try and pretend it doesn't exist maybe it was really just a mist. A mist that clouded our thought’s and judgment like the drowsiness of sleep and it’ll just go away. But it doesn't, and the overwhelming feeling creeps up on us.

 Everyday, you see these types of people and see them passing by, but what are you to do when you hear the words that burn your ears, that are coming from your peers who are walking alongside you, never trying to hide you from the reality that is inside you, somewhere in your brain, telling you, that this isn’t just a game. - But to them, it’s a simple game of cat and mouse, running inside the house, trying to get away - everyday. 

You think you can hide yourself from it, but she thinks of that too. In a tiny spare room that wasn’t built for two, you turn your back, trying not to look back - back at the girl who just wanted a view - a view of something that only you knew. 

 You constantly wish that this feeling would end, that the pain and suffering was just an old friend - an old friend that you didn’t intend - would stay awhile, in a time she had when she would never anticipate - the end. But that old friend, it never let go - it held onto her tight - and she tried to fight - but to no avail, she had to fail. The parasite gripped on and it has always had hold - onto the girl who was a bold golden treasure who amazed you but you never got to behold. It took you forever - to comprehend that this old friend would never let go and would lead to her end.

Even if at first, maybe you joined in - in on the game that invited her old friend. You turned a blind eye - to the girl who would cry at the images that your friends had burned into her mind, like a dark humor that you could entwine, with the feeling that creeps up on you in the back of your mind - when you know you had your time. When finally, you can't resist the urge; you simply just have to take a peek, at the events that are transpiring and are always inspiring - to the bad ends in which you called your friends. 

Now you wish you could turn a blind eye - reverse what was seen because you weren’t too keen - on the events that transpired and sadly inspired, maybe that would be for the best, but on the inside - you know it's not jest.

The view in which the girl had so desired had ended up nothing but a liar a liar that had ironed the fate of the too late desired.

The sad girl who you could have just said, was really worth something, is now just dead. The words that burned your ears had reached her's too, perhaps unfolding the events - that had just come true. If you could just turn back time, to when it was cool, to the moment in which you didn't act as a fool. You let pride and 'friendship', get in the way, of what truly mattered and still does - everyday. 

The life she once had, now ceased to exist. Taken away by the neglectful mist - the mist of the peers - who had not once appeared. They said all she wanted was just a view - a view that someone loved her and that it was true. Now to this day, you sit and ponder - what could have happened if I just had some honor? 

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