Our Antidote

Inside its cold and dark

Pale flesh of a beating heart

While remorse of sins tear you apart

Calling forth the wind of times

Like wind at hand freezing the mind

And once again the goosebumps show

When fear regains your self-control

The only thought of life that remains

Is the change you sincerely wish you made

For what was done is no more

Now in front of you is an open door

Only momentarily you were a broken wing

Yet succeed in it now while it’s still mending

Happiness and peace comes from within

However beware that you don’t pretend

There is a saying true to the end

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

So don’t fall back yet come back strong

Meditate on it before you act

Keep your words and actions in tact

The key of life is your own antidote

Of self-love and faith as you grow

Keep it in a bottle for only you to know

It’ll take you places you’ll wish to go

Everyone has their own antidote

But this is one only you know

This poem is about: 
Our world


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