The Cliff

There is a cliff, a very steep cliff on the isle of dread and woe.

Oft I've stood there on the cliff and gazed at the rocks below.

The cliff has stood on the edge of the isle as long as I have known.

many a sad voyager has come, and many a voyager flown, 

Yet, as I stand here on the cliff and the wind whips through my hair,

I feel a steady hand hold mine and I know that you are there.

I miss your laugh and I miss your smile, I miss you everyday.

I sometimes stand here on the cliff and think to jump that day.

I know that's not what you would want so away I turn once more,

I turn away from that cliff and from that wicked shore.

I remember your wisdom and your words that I still hold so dear,

that life is a gift and I should never doubt why I am here.



This poem is about: 
My family


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