Life, at first, appears endless,
Time flowing slowly.
Regardless of birth we cling to the vast world
Into which we enter with little knowledge of.
Life appears fascinating
As curiosity fuels the wells of wisdom.
Failure, our teacher, and joy, our purpose.
The world, our vast stage upon which we begin our performance.
Life appears ambitious;
Dreams and desires pulse through our veins.
Reckless adrenaline propels us forward,
Believing our youthfulness shall protect us from all harm.
Life appears calm.
Steady, rhythmic days passes us by.
Wisdom passes on to others
And small joys illuminate our days.
Life appears weary.
Our purpose, how ever undiscovered, fulfilled
Our performance complete and,
With a final breath, we leave this world
Still unknowledgeable, still desperate
And still full of unfulfilled desires.


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