Contrast of life

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 15:01 -- MKat

It’s all so unsteady, like the weather in May

Where the sun is supposed to stretch its rays

But all we get it’s the cloudy days with more rain.

I couldn’t keep up with what’s happening,

I read the news & couldn’t believe it

The days kept crumbling meanwhile everybody tried to keep it together.

I don’t understand

How can that sunlight be taken away

Someone who made many but many people smile.

A little bit of sunshine,

Feeling a knot on your throat can be difficult,

To express your sorrows, that’s the worst.

Because words aren’t enough to cover the scars of the love ones that are left behind.

How can you cure a broken heart?

You can’t, but just keep in mind that

After every storm comes a rainbow,

They say that within time, the wounds heal,

To be honest I don’t believe that’s how it is.

It’s more as we accept the fact that they are gone but their spirts it’s intact.


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