Never Envy A Lost Soul

10th February 2018

To the future I never experienced,

The art that man is perfect in God's image is delusional to the mind created by society.

My flowers are different than yours as our blessings come at different times. 

While my decadent roots are soon to be cut, your hedonistic roots will corrupt the soil that men walk on.

I envied the bad in the world. I envied you...

I love how my veins turn purple when I was around you from sin and immorality.

Our roots were beginning to intertwine into a dangerous maker.

Our off-spring shall grow into the Garden of Genesis where all men will be defeated and bow down to the detriment souls haunting my mind.

Goodbye to man-kind and the peace in my heart.

Sincerely, your lover

This poem is about: 
Our world


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