The Ending Points of Love

How long does the presence of a lover last?

Does it last till I open my legs leading you in with lust is that all you really want? 

Take the pureness given to this pure mess and just walk away

Thats all you wanted at the end of the day

Does it end when you break down my walls? 

You've learned all my deepest darkest secrets just to speard them all

Is that really all you came for?

Does it end when you break my heart?

Rip it out and throw it on the floor 

Doesnt matter

It exploded long ago when you started filling it with your lies because not only to my eyes cry, but my soul too

Does it end when i fall for you? 

Do you let me pour so much of myself into you just to drop it all, call it off, make it seem as though it never happened in your head 

You pretend to have amnesia instead

Does it end when you fall too?

Too much emotion for a man like you 

Too many feelings, but not enough feeling on your body 

You care too much to the point where you believe it's unreal not realistic, so you stop it there, but you cry too when you get home

Does it end when we say I do? 

Is the concept of marriage a thought that we try, but two months later we are packing our bags for two different lands with new plans that have nothing to do with the other

Does it end at death do us part?

Will our lives be full of each others company 

Passion runing through our blood and we enjoy the life we're having together then we die old and happy gravestones side by side 

The kids take so much pride in the fact that their parents love is shown in their death and their lives 

Now its time for them to find out on their own

Where does love end and where does it grow?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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