It's Not Your Time

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Into the void now you must

Ever so quiet

Ever at peace

Into the glorious light you seek


As you stand on the edge

At the tip of the end

This is when your life’s judgment begins

Into the fire or into the light?

Given redemption or cast into blight?


The good and the bad are placed on the scale

The deeds of your life you hope to prevail

Where will it tip?

How will you know?

On which of these paths are you to go?


As you see your life’s deeds are being weighed

So too do the memories unfold and play

From the time you were young

To this moment right now

 Soon it will be shown to where you are bound



From beyond the void you hear a soft cry

The sound of their grief

For they think you have died

A second glance to where the scale once weighed

Showed only the darkness, the shadow, the shade


From behind on your shoulder, you feel a warm touch

The hollowness of death you feel not as much

A voice of an angel, the voice, so divine

Saint Peter has spoken

“It’s not your time”


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