The Earthbound Souls

 life s like a jar.

it does not matter what it is itself

the only thing that mater is what you put in it.

there is a soul thats holding the jar.

a soul that is soft as silk,

a soul that can be stolen at any second.

even by the ones you love.

there are souls that are different then others

and we are the ones who get judged by the smallest things.

these souls are sensative

the ones who are easially abused by words.

we are the ones who are lost

and are truly awaiting to find ourselves

but cant because there are other jars blocking us.

were trapped.

if we move we'll knock one down

and the others will fall like dominos.

we cant fix our lives without messing up others.

but some of us dont care.

we have to figure out what we want and do everything we can to get it.

so thats what you do

to truly find ourselvs.



This poem is about: 
Our world


Da'Cari Hudson

Just to say, I was very sad when i typed this.

what do you think?

Da'Cari Hudson

what do you guys think, Be Honest

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