What's the Joy in Life?

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 19:58 -- dsteck

Majority of the time we are empty

We go searching for something unknown

We look up, down, left, right

We look all around

Happiness comes and goes

Same with friends we have known

They are there and then they are gone

Then we are left alone

We have goals in life

Goals we want to achieve

But if that disappears then what are we?

If our friends go and we are all alone, are we ever the same?

Do we ever know if we will find someone again?

Life is suppose to be adventurous

We are suppose to explorer who we are

But do we ever know who we are?

I am a theater nerd

I use to be a soccer player

I have had my heart broken many times

and i have no clue what i am searching for in life?

It could be anything, but how do I know?

Sometimes i think I am happy

but then i think for a while and realize I am not

and the one question that stays on my mind is

What's the Joy in Life?



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