Spirit of Autumn

Under autumn sun and shadow

Cool air flows within and without, hands clasping wet earth, surrounded by fallen leaves

Ah yes! Autumn leaves; filled with the flames of summer, and the youthful spirit of Spring

What are Autumn leaves but flowers?


Lay still and hear the wandering voices of the Earth

Feel the many surrounding wavering passions of the land

When the twins of happiness and unhappiness stroll by hand in hand, wave and bid them well

They will grow strong together or stagnate together, and with them, with you


One flashes back to new spring, harsh summer, and faces the looming winter over the horizon

The guillotine is there, waiting for you, same as with me

But that’s tomorrow’s today

But today is the time of consciousness and contemplation of human fate, of human matters


The world is new, and unknown. Full of wonders, and dangers

This is spring

Passions of love and hate rise immeasurably above you and lay harrowing beneath you

This is Summer

Everything freezes and dies, and nothing remains. The Earth forgets

This is winter

The Autumn sun elucidates all this, the human beginning and the inhuman end


The Earth and human whisper a dialogue that demands screams, but is hardly heard

What is heard is the spirit of the condemned who with ever breathe fights the end

With passion for this life dance and sing for a bittersweet today, for tomorrow is an inevitability

Touch the earth in solidarity, and decide to live it all again 


Your passions for this life creates your lucidity

And your lucidity your passions for the Earth

Smell the Autumn flowers


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