Nothing Like You

Dear the Me of old,

I am nothing like you

Most days I know that I love you

Sometimes I feel like I hate you

We are very much different but still one in the same

I am a mere copy of you, and that alone makes me cringe

I am nothing like you and I will not follow the path that you paved for yourself

I am nothing like you and I refuse to be seen as such

You and I are one in the same, yet very much different

I have a chance to follow my dreams

Your dreams have long ago died and can no longer be cherished

I have the intellect and wisdom that you wish you had

You are the version of me that failed

I am nothing like you

I feel, I have compassion, I have empathy, I am able to love

You are bitter, your heart is cold, and for that I despise you

You are a dog that is trained to a point where there is no turning back

All you know is the way that was taught to you

My biggest issue, until recently, is that I always thought I was you

I never saw us as two separate people walking two totally different paths

Growing up behind you, I took on your mentality and strategies when going about certain life issues

I started to grow into that  old dog who was bound to be stuck in his ways yet I am just a puppy

I am nothing like you

I don't know if I am lying to myself when I say that

But from here on out I will stand firmly on that statement

I am nothing like you, and I refuse to walk the same path that you walked

I am nothing like you, and I am uncertain whether or not you feel any envy towards me

But just wait and see, you will see me shine and you will witness just how far I can go

You will sit on the sidelines and watch as I do everything great as you did only twice as better

And even in my glory days I will not have a strong apetite to hear you commend me

As I will commend a new me, a greater me, a future me that will be unimaginably great

And for them I will do everything you failed to do for me

I am nothing like you


-Achingly, Your Son

This poem is about: 
My family


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