Tue, 10/31/2017 - 10:16 -- Savvy99

The girl was alone

To say the least

Her heart was open

Her spirit was free

The girl felt a flight of fancy

As her heart was stolen

Whether it be by fate

Or by choice

She was now someone else's

But it didn't last 

Her hopes were for forever

But that wasn't her reality

At first

It was the affection

And getting to know him

That was just right

But later on

While he said one thing

The whole world said another

She was confused

For the most part

She fought for him

While the others tired to break her down

With significance making a start

She was a girl

Who could forgive

And forget

But when witnesses came forward

Her whole tune changed

From a sparrow's whistle

To a dog's howl

And soon 

To a dog's snarl

He barked back at her

Attacking with a tang of anger

She hadn't seen before

 She couldn't see any hurt in his eyes

Only a rage that she couldn't demise

Their last words were

An anger to be quenched with friendship

But from her observations

He seems to be in oceans

While she is in the dim lighthouse

Many many leagues away

This poem is about: 
Our world


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