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Princess of LilleThe prettiest mirror on the islandI wanted to let you knowThat every man wants to haveAt least one flowerOf happinessFor their wife.
i think we love who life throws at us.i never meant to be anything,except myself.i never meant to be a "part" of a subculture, i thinkwe all could stand to be more uniquely insular.
Foraging finch, led amiss.  Madescent billows roared, as clouds enshroud And a sudden cascade coalesced   With a well-timed jet stream & menacing westerly wind. It’s a monsoon, pitch, and roll!  
Across the vast blue ocean, Rising out of the rainbow reef, Lies a solitary Island. Its tree-crested mountains, And river-carved valleys,
I want to go where the water meets the land. There is a balance there. There is no sound like that which sand and lapping water share.  
Jaden and Margo charted a boat to go deep-sea diving for a day. Then the storm came out of nowhere    with insane winds and frequent thunder. The boat's captain would not make it.  
I am a dreamer, What about you? My brother is a dreamer, Are you a dreamer too? I dream in scarlet and gold, My brother does too,
Trapped on an island and rotting inside The world is cruel and I despise The raft I built is standing strong It has to get me to where I belong The fish are leaving so I must too
Island rhythms carry on, Lifting my soul As if it were some leaf To be carried on gentle winds. “I feel good” Fills my ears, Inflating a wide eyed grin
No way out, I'm surrounded by sea My friends from abroad envy me, They joke and jest, "Hey, do you climb trees? Swing on vines and live in huts made of leaves"? 
Music is powerful.   With it, nothing cannot be achieved.  Even when trapped on a  deserted island, an iPod full of music can become a vehicle for the mind's eye.
Take this moment and lock it in this heart-shaped locket. It's anatomical, because she's logical, less philosophical than me. I'm this heart, she's all head. She said, "We balance on edge
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
If an island ever daredTo be stranded with meI'd take my laptopAnd a coffee shopWith the wi-fi free  
I often hear people ask, for fun, "What would you bring on a deserted island?" Some think of survival and bring their gun. Others want to explore in the highlands. In all seriousness, what would I need?
I am nothing without him. For he is who has me all. I climb trees, limb from limb To hope he catches me if I fall. They say he is not right, What did he do wrong?
Were I trapped and far away On a land out in the sea The most important thing to have Would be a book, a friend indeed Though its sentences will never change Words never will it speak
Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions A state which may lead to spiraling depressions   Though I were granted a chance to prepare To minimize the effect of my deserted despair  
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
         Spirit will ……never vanish.  The darkest hour…upon the isle's stage. No, I simply cannot let it be so for me ever.   On a desolate isle, I refuse to back down.      Standing before the Lord of Flies.
Somebody once said No Man Is An Island, But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,
On an island with nothing, Most people bring things, Make-up to be stunning, Or an iPhone for Bing, But I would bring determination, And a strong set of skills, Maybe collect rainwater for hydration,
i nestle my toes beneath a quilt of powdered rock and i am remembering; feel a cool breeze rustle the hairs on my burnt neck, remembering;
You are a child's entertainment. You are my entertainment. They scoff at your gaudy colours, They play you off as too innocent for their rebellious excursions. But I am here waiting with you
Sanity is the one thing I could not live without I left behind the food and the video-games because without Sanity I would scream and shout! Sanity will also keep me from giving trees names!
Alone on an island, on its beach where I lay, where the ocean moves slowly, and the palm trees sway. I look in the distance, where I see just the tip,  Of the bow that remains of my now-sinking ship.
I watch the wave, come in, go out, come in, go out. Softly brushing the white sand, of a bloody beach.  
Oh Krishna! I cannot bear the agony in my heavy heart. Being all alone in this unknown place is enough for any gopi to suffer.   In this materialistic world, I am undernourished
Being stranded on an island would be unfortunate, and any item we bring compared to the big picture may seem disproportionate. But being logical has its perks, and i've heard this survivalist book really works.
I/My Mother,For starters,she's clever. No animal Will standin this recital. We'll take this island by storm.Absolutly absurdit might be But best believeHer and meA diligent duocomparable to a cyclone. Forget about technology.All phonesand drones. 
the effortless breeze roared while the waves were talking the dark clouds got angry while the palm trees were dancing   I am screaming while the seagulls are chirping the sun was smiling
Help!!!, Help!!! Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head
Tell me, would you enjoy the jungle? How would you feel  about salty wind hitting your fur?    The very first thing you would do would be run away. I can picture it now.
I love this place dearly,  its very close to my heart. I grew up here along with others, being pushed around in a cart.   If stranded on a desert, where will I go instead?
Different scenarios are creativity of the mind Wanting a different thought, face, a different time But to trapped in one dreamed of but never really wanting it is big
Blood shed Years that can't be returned Lovers that died  Mothers that stll yearn Yet we have the choice To bypass all despair  And keep what they fought for  But some would choose hair  
I want you to come, So I will not be alone. Loneliness is very dumb, And I will not be alone. Nary are we glum,
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
You I love so dear Come with me to an Island And Peace we shall find
I stand here My eyes burning My throat like sandpaper Under the sun Under the sky Under the influence of my mind I stand here   Thoughts wander and weave Under the sky
The Waves broke  The winds croak  The sky scary blue The sand so new The plane crashed  Im the only one left No life in sight  Not ready to fight  Blood dripping from my head 
I considered bringing a person, someone to keep me company. But I thought myself too selfish, why should I desert another person when they can set out to have a happy, successful life.  I considered bringing a tool, something useful.
On the Island deserted there are many rocks, I’m sure But none of them is this one. This one isn’t from the Island. This one I already had.
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
Stuck trapped Sand invading my every pore HOME I want to go HOME What is home? Home is the memories  But if you fall They fall with you. The pen is my chance To not be alone
Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation. Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey. Other people give us purpose and thoughts, without one or the other, we perish.
In the dim suburban townhouse in which I stay,there’s a photograph of my extended family,smiling together on my grandpa’s lawn on Kelley’s Island. I visit there every summer, and that trimmed grass has never changed.The mini-golf course hasn’t cha
Stranded on a deserted island. How Drawl. Oh how I would long for a companion. Under a palm tree with a lover is all I would need. Life without someone to share it with would be pointless.
Silence. Not a crash, not a breeze, Not even the sound of a seagull or the shaking of a coconut tree, Just a barrier of silence for miles and miles surrounding me. Peace. I can finally hear myself think.
What does it matter? This metaphorical island, this situation beyond comprehension The tension in realizing that there is one item you need. Rustling through the reed across the sandy coast
Crashing waves collideWith waves of vibrations heardBut not seen,Felt but not touched.A day without you is a day without us
I used to think all I need is a minute So I could think about life instead of live it All I need is some money to get by Maybe a car to drive and a house to reside I need parents who care instead of scream
My soul to keep. Attached not to my heart, But to my ears. My soul rings down. Down to my heart.
All I need is the motivation, the motivation to get up in the morning, the motivation to keep getting up in the morning, the motivation to get up every morning. The motivation to make it
Polo is my mojo, Yes Island makin me smilin, No Yet water polo, es muy bueno with the sueno of the heat. With the strength of his teeth, this polo beast, compeles the thrist of 
Life is complicated sometimes impossible, you see many faces- your mom may seem horrible. If I'm stranded on an island, my mom would be in an oasis. We may end up famous,  it may be unbearable,
I knew I had it bad, when they asked what I would need if I was stranded on a island, and the first thing I thought of, was your blue eyes instead of water. Isn't that sad?  
In order to survive, You need love, Water,  Shelter, Food. But what if you don't have that? What if you're  stranded on an island? You'd need to make with what you got.
If I were stranded on an island, I would bring my guitar Music is a universal language, and that's what makes it beautiful It cannot be seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart It makes me ache, it makes me leap
If I became stranded on a deserted island there's one thing I'd surely need, that is the peace of mind that comes  from being alone and at ease. To be ok with lonliness not needing company,
If I was stranded on an island and I didn't know what to do I would grab my card and play It is something I can do everyday   Without those floppy cards I would be bored day and night
if stranded on islandall i need is a  white ball.Call me cast away  Id name the ball wilsonHearing his voiceWilson's intent becomes clearer 
The compass leads my way. It spins endlessly. A precious guide. Mesmerizing and practical. A precious guide. It spins endlessly. The compass leads my way.
Here I am alone With only one thing. With it I can dream up anything. It brings me inspiration, It brings me joy, It keeps me sane, On this island. It is my iPod,
If I were alone I'd wish I were home,<br/> However home has nothing left for me.<br/> I'd feel a strong bond to the times I went wrong and in regret I'd cry and plea,<br/> please let me live, laugh!<br/> Play in the bright
The sun beamed down on her. The warmth calmed her. She hadn't felt this good in years it seemed.         She felt fine,                But Lord knows she isn't.
If I could choose one singular thing To draw back the loneliness, boredom, and pain Of living away from all I know On a deserted island so far from home,  
Stranded for hours on this lonely island Nothing to comfort or guide me. Not a bite to eat or book to read, Not a soul to sit beside me.   But my hope floats out on the water.  
What else can I report besides complete monotony and misery?   My company is warm, bright, and will always listen
  If I was left on an island gone and forgotten what would I bring  if I had the option? I'd bring my voice  the only tool I need. While I rot away, it would keep me company.   
Hope is beautiful. A better future it promises. Peace, love and life it promises. Hope is all I have.
If I were on a desert island I would probably already have everything I needed because technically “Desert” and “Desserted” are two separate thing entirely
People, people, people, we need people We need others to push us to improve Without them our good character is removed
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
i'ld take my boyfriend he is making me take him i'ld rather have sleep ... WHICH I NEVER GET ANY MORE BECAUSE OF HIM
If I were lost, in a paradise unfound the only thing that I would need is to keep my sanity   While others would say
Upon the island of no escape, Dare I go without her take, She to me, to kiss my nape, Never dare I to forsake. The island is but a prison without her, All I am; Crazy about her,
Salt fills the air, sand covers the ground The crashing waves are the only sound I am alone, but I have no fear It’s the present moment I shall hold dear   All pain and joy from the past years
If I were to travel, to the dull gravel, passed the brilliant water, I'd bring my otter, there's no dispute, he's super cute, so he'd be the one, that would bask in the sun,
        I will stay stranded on an island happily, with an unlimited supply pedigree. Canned dog food is full of nutrients, the kind that would come be handy in a pinch.
You It’s a question most have heard before: What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island by the shore? What would you want?
Stuck on an isle, my Love and I.  Who else to dwell with under the sky? Though oceans rage and sunbeams wave, No tempest could swallow the love that we've saved.  Deserted, stranded, and lost at sea,
So I’m actually stranded here on this deserted islandIt’s kind of ironic how many times I played that game when I was youngerWhere you pick three objects to bring with youThe heat is unbearable
All I need on this deserted island is. I could have clean water or cheese wiz But I just want a friend to quiz A friend to hold to cuddle to love One that fits to me like a glove
Alone, I stand alone on this enclave Nothing to see, nobody to call home With this I will not become a slave Instead I must grow deeper in love with the brome Love is something I will never leave behind
It burns brighter than passion and higher than dreams a red brain, holding so much more than it seems. Beneath its front it boils and bubbles, melting our most hideous troubles. 
Stranded in an IslandAll I want to do is go homeBack in the HighlandPlaying in my chrome But for now I have run into some troubleMy butt is starting to bubbleIn this island all aloneMy tummy is starting to groanIm afraid I now have to pooOh dear I
The waves role by, one by one the sun kisses my skin with it’s warm beams,  I am stuck, not just on this refuge  but stuck with nothing but my thoughts in a whim I have no distraction, what more could I want?
Water surrounds the only place you can call home Counting the weeks Each tally mark reading 1, 2, 3 You remember the first day you woke up The first time animal became part of your name
If I were left on an island alone, I would miss all the comforts of home. I couldn't decide what one thing to bring, An object to help me through this horrible thing. I could pick some tarp to cover my head,
I can not live without it, without it I would die. I can not live without it, i can not even try. I can not live without it, its most important to me. I can not live without it, I bet you would agree.
   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
The fires burn in the distance nowyet he feels better, some howGasoline and matches, his keys to freedom
You are my oasis. The sky is blue, blue waters, bright sand, you are the water that turns my desert into a beach, you, shade of the leaves that rewrites trials into isles of paradise,
Jim: a young boy at the Admiral Benbow Inn owned by his father.
Until I saw the land. I do not remember how. I am end in the small boat  In the middle of the sea.
In the morning light A Poem by Larry Cruikshank
Lets fly away to a paradise of peace. Lets go there and escape our reality. Forget about those who hate to see us together. We are in love. We are one. You are my other half. The stronger one. Lets go somewhere full of sunshine.
People mindlessly wandering around their souls never found. Where the ocean meets the shore,  is where these souls adore. Young children and adults alike, never alive to see this night.
 Grasping at shadows. Reaching for Ghosts. Searching for figures along the coast. Looking for something real, something to hold onto. A single shred of proof that I am not alone.
Loud were the sirens crying outand loud was the body that wanted to be let outWanted to be free and do whatever it pleasedNot knowing the regrets that it would reap.Loud were the warning bells that seemed to shout.
  Swinging my hips side to side like they ain’t got no business Looking at your lips, they can make some mean Caribbean kisses Dreads mid-way your back
Cast away upon the island, Washed up onto the shore, The message inside the bottle, The one you threw before. It started as, “roses are red, And violets blue, Nothing is better Than being with you”
Each summer I would go- Could it be that I’ve Gone there every year? You would Think it would get tiresome- Roaming those sand covered shores, Barefoot and wandering
Where yellow flowers bloom, The sun sets below the trees Winds blow a selfless tune An awakening of light from the moon But the glow is just a tease Where yellow flowers bloom The pedals become immune
I can't remove the sap, with spots of dust and needles clinging to my love and life lines.
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