Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger



 Grasping at shadows. Reaching for Ghosts. Searching for figures along the coast. Looking for something real, something to hold onto. A single shred of proof that I am not alone. Waiting with the sunrise, waiting for you to see my flag out at see. Swim back to me. Oh how the time soars by, sun's beating down from up high. Lounging along the shoreline. Drawing pictures in the sand, but you're too perfect to recreate. Sorry I messed up your face, I guess the waves can wash it away. Wishing with the sunset. Lying beneath the palm trees. I am like the ocean, tossed about and lost in doubt. Darling when will you come back home? Darkness has arrived love. You're nowhere to be found, but I hope you're safe and sound. While each day without you I'm, grasping at shadows, reaching for ghosts, dying to see you, along the coast.    


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