Me, Myself, & I

Different scenarios are creativity of the mind

Wanting a different thought, face, a different time

But to trapped in one dreamed of but never really wanting it is big

That one thing to get me through it? Nah, it’s nothing big

All I’d need to survive is me, myself and I

What’s life without loneliness, one without bare cries

I can’t seem to imagine a perspective where I need someone or something

to depend on

I depend on nothing but my sole existence that I can overcome

Damn, a little guts, a little sweat, a little tears and it’s a bet

I’m a lone wolf so what I need is nothing that needs rest

Rest isn’t what I get but in the end I’ll achieve the best

I’m the greatest,

No later than then or now will I need someone to numb the pain

The fun doesn’t have an ending

Gotta keep moving and pushing, living and learning

You’re born alone, you die alone

So what’s the difference of being alone


After effects of loneliness simply equivalates to numbness

Numbness is the lack of emotion and pain

Numbness is the surplus of money, riches and fame

Not saying that’s what I want, it only brings others

Either way it goes, being alone and stranded is a relief from the constant stresses of the world

Desperately, I seek to be alone.

I push others away, I don’t want them to stay

I only need me, myself, and I

In the womb of 5 months my very own twin brother decided to not stay

So what’s to say that a companion, a  thought, emotions are a necessity?

My damn self is the only necessity I have

Necessarily I need food and water to be,

People, emotions, and thoughts are only baggage to me


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