I love this place dearly, 

its very close to my heart.

I grew up here along with others,

being pushed around in a cart.


If stranded on a desert,

where will I go instead?

I sure hope this desert

sells packs of paper plates and bread.

This place has everything in bulk

from milk to drinks and even bedspread.


Oh Costco, dear Costco

You make me buy in bulk.

And yet, you still manage to keep the cost low.

I grew up here with others.

Theres no way I can leave it all behind.

From the freezers to rotiserrie chicken,

to the many checkout lanes aligned.


I would bring all of Costco to the desert

only if I could. 

Hot pockets, cream puffs, and bacon

Oh, everything there is good.


I can make a list of everything

on how Costco makes lives easy

They even sell engagement rings

Oh shopping trips made breezy.


But I'm here to answer a question

What is the one thing I would bring?

Well, definitely the samples. 

Yes, the food. No, not the bling. 



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