Aspects of Jim Hawkins

Jim: a young boy at the Admiral Benbow Inn owned by his father.

That bond with a father is one in a million, the boy finds leadership in other civilians.

A disheveled pirate moves in, never will he check out alive.

He appears to Jim unlike a normal pirate, but his dependence on rum proves otherwise.

Drunken disturbances, drunken songs, drunken arguments, and drunken versions of right and wrong.  “Billy Bones,” is his name.

Always on the lookout, never trust the one-legged nemesis. 

Days passed onto weeks and weeks turned into months that Bones did not pay his rent.

The black spot on his hand grows deeper, an old man’s revenge.

Debts will find their own way to be paid.  

Death takes the life of his first father and then the next best thing.

One man’s treasure, another man’s demise.

Thrown from the nest, Jim must leave his mother’s side.  A real man’s adventure awaits him.

High seas, dark skies, undesirable circumstances, it is no place for a boy.

All aboard the Hispaniola, hidden riches awaits.

An oath is an oath, do not trust the nemesis.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, one-legged enemies weasel their way in.

Not all are how they appear.  Staying true to the captain will result in death, but switching sides for all the wrong reasons will make you rich.

Decisions, decisions.

Confess the truth, run Jim run.  There is a crazy man on this island and it is not Ben Gunn.

It was a farce all along, the treasure was gone.  So is the man with one leg, he performed his last song, then he escapes.

Disturbed, unsettled, Jim experiences reoccurring terrors.  This adventure came at a heavy wage.

Although it is very clear, this tale of buried treasure is the story of a young boy’s coming of age.


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