Loneliness Kills

The Waves broke 

The winds croak 

The sky scary blue

The sand so new

The plane crashed 

Im the only one left

No life in sight 

Not ready to fight 

Blood dripping from my head 

Drool falling dreaming to be feed

Searched and Searched 

No life found 

No one to speak to 

No one to listen to

I need Presence 

I hate absence 

Words to speak to

A Voice to Listen to 

Stories to Tell 

Ideas to dwell 

Arms to Hold 

When nights are cold


for abandonment 

Just me 

and the sea

No one killed me 

Interaction is key

Fightings not worth it 

Alone im not fit

There alone I died 

But that was a past life, Im still Alive

Someone else survived the Fall

I was not alone and had someone to call 

We made it out together 

To live on forever 

For interaction saved my life

Through a very large Strife

Stranded on a island what would kill

Would be loneliness for loneliness kills  


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