Day 144

What else can I report besides complete monotony and misery?


My company is warm, bright, and will always listen

But simultaneously burns me, and never provides response,

And heaven forbid my gaze lie upon it.


At least one less decision plagues my mind

As all the food I could possibly desire

Lies tantalizingly out of my reach in sleep.


While some claim they would kill for my situation

Of long days spent in isolation on a beautiful landscape

This Eden has become my Gehenna.


I feel as though the wells have dried,

As no more water flows down sunken cheeks

And my mind is numbed to a state of walking dead.


The horizon should be the last place I look,

Lest I am forever led on by impossible dreams,

But dreams allow escape, as will my biggest dream of all.


For hope is what has kept me from curling up on the infinite sand,

Closing my eyes, and banishing the world to eternal darkness

So, still, my eyes scan the heavens.


Day 144: The sky is still endless and blue.

No plane has located my humble abode as of yet.

Hope still prevails, and conquers all threats.


Hope sets aflame the hearts of mankind

And lights the way through every treacherous midnight,

Molding me into both a true survivor and warrior.


Day 144: I can report that I am still alive and fighting.

The sun still reflects in optimistic eyes

 That continue to project a winning battle. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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