All I Need Is To Be Loved

Stranded on a deserted island.

How Drawl.

Oh how I would long for a companion.

Under a palm tree with a lover is all I would need.

Life without someone to share it with would be pointless.

Drama would happen of course, but with someone there the situation could never be worse.


I think we would run out of things to say eventually, but that's ok.


But I have someone by my side, I know everything will be alright.

Everything I will ever need is my soulmate by my side.


A person  to love even if we grow weary of one another.

Lovesick is what we will be after a while, but he will always make me smile.

Oh how will we put up wh each other, oh I don't know?

No worres though, because everything I need will be there.

Everything in the end will be alright on our little island that we call home.

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