If I were alone

If I were alone I'd wish I were home,<br/> However home has nothing left for me.<br/> I'd feel a strong bond to the times I went wrong and in regret I'd cry and plea,<br/> please let me live, laugh!<br/> Play in the bright rays of the sun!<br/> For all I want now is to be on my own,<br/> to be free, independent, and me.<br/> I'd be happy alone,<br/> I swear I would.<br/> I wouldn't need the things others tend to greed.<br/> This Earth is so worldly<br/> am I not worldly?<br/> because I have what my lord has given me<br/> which is a heart full of joy,>br/> a family, a place to go when I am deceased.<br/> I would not take my phone, my journal, my things.<br/>  I have my faith, my thoughts,<br/> and surely if I didn't I'd be as happy as could be.<br/> Because I am thankful for my life and I don't reckon I'd cry because I wouldn't remember. <br/> If I were alone in the hot island sun,<br/> I don't think anything could compare to the true sound of silence,<br/> of self realization, and wonder.<br/> What I'd take with me is quite obvious,<br/> I assume you'd agree once you see.<br/> I'd take with me fresh water so that I may not turn to sodder, dust, or tumbleweed.<br/> Still I know<br/> if I were alone<br/> I'd wish I were home all safe and free.

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