The Power of Knowledge

Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions

A state which may lead to spiraling depressions


Though I were granted a chance to prepare

To minimize the effect of my deserted despair


I would cultivate the intellect one gains at a college

The one thing I would bring is the power of knowledge


Knowledge is power, and therefore sufficient

For starting a fire, for winning the fish hunt


For building a shelter to protect from the elements

For forging thoughts, steaming with excellence


For writing a book containing my memoirs

Written in the sand, using the arms of sea stars


Without knowledge, how could one survive

No resources to progress, to stay alive


Being left to chance, a hope for epiphanies

Like in films, actions accented by symphonies


That when all hope is lost, a plan is uncovered

Serendipity prevails, your S.O.S discovered


Yet this is a fantasy, desert islands do not care

If ideas do not come, and life is unfair


Food can go bad, huts blow away

No matter what happens, my knowledge will stay


Knowledge is comfort, makes uncertainty brief

Knowledge, on the island, delivers relief











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