Stranded in an IslandAll I want to do is go homeBack in the HighlandPlaying in my chrome But for now I have run into some troubleMy butt is starting to bubbleIn this island all aloneMy tummy is starting to groanIm afraid I now have to pooOh dear If I wait any longer I might turn blue What a struggle where do I go?I am used to a little bowlWhere I drop my little pieces of coalWhere I play with my phone and sometimes even sewNow I am outside in the cold Bugs and snakes can see my buttI have to do it outside just like my muttWho knew that a little toilet was worth as much as gold?Lost in this island one thing is clearMy bottom misses their friendLost in this island I am laying here in the sandImagining in my headMy toilet back homeLost in this island as I was thinkingI did not realize my toiletBecame my pants



Sorry the format came a little weird but here is the scholarship poem in a comical sense of going at the prompt enjoy!

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