I don't care if you die

Tell me,

would you enjoy the jungle?

How would you feel 

about salty wind hitting your fur? 


The very first thing you would do

would be run away.

I can picture it now.

Your long black pelt streaking

across the sand in an effort

to get to the heart of the jungle

where the feast awaits.


But let's say you ignore 

your primal instincts. 

For the sake of argument, we 

can imagine you by my side. 


What would you do? 


Would you be Pilchard, the Great Killer of Mice (and other small rodents)?

Or would you be Pilchard, the Magnificant Fisher or Fish?

How about Pilchard, the cat whom no bird has ever escaped? 


Regardless what you kill

I will let you keep all of it. 

I will be too busy trying to set up a camp on the island

like I saw in all the survival shows

I used to watch. 


Yes, you are my cat

and you would probably die out there. 


And even through that,

you would be my only pick

for the one thing I need with me

on a deserted island. 


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