The Most Vital Thing Of All

Blood shed

Years that can't be returned

Lovers that died 

Mothers that stll yearn

Yet we have the choice

To bypass all despair 

And keep what they fought for 

But some would choose hair


An item for the stomach

Entertainment to view

A genie for three wishes

A million dollars among a few

Yet I would turn down all options

In order to keep one idea that is fair

The idea that still kills

The idea which we are unaware.


Whenever we are asked 

What lies above all else

What many will say 

Are items that can be held

But if I had to keep one thing

Above all else

It would be my freedom 

Becuase not everyine knows that word well

Yet me still salivate over material items

At really dont do us very well

While some will never know 

How to spell out the word.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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