I used to think all I need is a minute

So I could think about life instead of live it

All I need is some money to get by

Maybe a car to drive and a house to reside

I need parents who care instead of scream

Making the house of holes seem like a dream

What I need is something to drink and eat

To wash away all the scars from head to feet

But as I stand here, feet planted in wet sand

I no longer think about my plans or other lands

As I was dreaming of another place to be

I realized all the time, I just wanted to be me

So even if I'm stuck on this deserted land

And if I only have one final demand

It's that I lived a life fully, in a house full of bullies

That I've made it this far, and that I've raised the bar

I didn't need to waste time, didn't need a life that's mine

On my knees, now all I need

                                  is a home

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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