I cannot live without You

Oh Krishna! I cannot bear the agony in my heavy heart.

Being all alone in this unknown place is enough for any gopi to suffer.


In this materialistic world, I am undernourished

Not for a meal but for You, my blue skinned God.

Without Your divine presence, I am petrified and unguided.


The crystal clear liquid from my eyes have wetted millions of nullahs.

I’ve noticed Your Lotus Feet print on Mother Earth’s skin.

My treasured Lord, You are here but nowhere to be found.


You’ve listened to my prayers and chanting.

Now that I see your soft sky skin, enchanting aesthetic, and promising eyes…

My soul is finally in peace and feel protected.


Krishna, play rousing music with your flute!

I no longer want to be upset and crying every night in this vacant island.

Dearest One, elate me and I’ll be at Your service every single day left of my life.


Oh my Govinda, I am fulfilled with you at my side.

I cannot live without You.

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