Me: The Wi-fIslander

If an island ever dared
To be stranded with me
I'd take my laptop
And a coffee shop
With the wi-fi free


Before my mother albeit cop
Alleges vanity
I'll explain the thought
Behind the wi-fi free


Some say that it is water
That makes lives better
But I beg to differ
As I'm choosing to impose myself on an island
I might as well choose the one with fresh water
And speak no more of the matter


Speaking more of the matter
I'm already in a coffee shop
The prices are already over-the-top
Why would I spend on water?


Speaking even more of the matter
Matt Damon is a connoisseur
Of making free water
And 'The Martian' is available on Netflix
To solve the water conflict


Also, one often gets hungry
In a far-off country
But food can be ordered
From the coffee shop
And clothing can be ordered
If I have Amazon


Even if they don't deliver
I'll still have the Net
To teach me some clever 
DIY's of Pinterest
And put the cloth issue to rest


My best friend can be met
via the Internet
The other friends can be let
To know that they must never call me again
I'd rather use my solitude 
To escape the friendly feud
One mustn't miss the opportunity
Provided by Island Refuge


One must have a goal too
Or risk the disease of boredom
But this one is right back at you
For this poetry isn't random
It's born out of my passion
Which will give me occupation
And maybe even money 
To buy more coffee


I need my food, friend, and passion
In exactly that fashion
But I need wi-fi above all
Because it is the ultimate resolve
To fulfill my needs and make me happy
That is, of course, if an island was stranded with me

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