The Island of Dreamers- Wallawallamacoo

I am a dreamer,

What about you?

My brother is a dreamer,

Are you a dreamer too?

I dream in scarlet and gold,

My brother does too,

We dream in all kinds of colors,

Do you?

We dream of animals,

Pets or from the zoo,

We dream of an island,

We call it WallaWallaMacoo,

Since only dreamers know where WallaWallaMacoo is,

If you dream you can join us too,

For if you dream in color and wonder,

All of WallaWallaMacoo is for you,

So tonight or this afternoon,

If you care to,

Come to WallaWallaMacoo and visit us,

It’s a place for dreamers like you,

You can visit anytime you want,

But don’t forget to tell your dreamer friends too,

Because WallaWallaMacoo is for all dreamers,

You, my brother and me, just to name a few.



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