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My parents raised me in a competitive household They said, "To us Zentzs, everything is a competition." And so I went about my life doing just that: competing Not out loud though, in my head,
Let me tell you about the most tragic love story that has ever been known.It's about a man who had a lover and her name was Pauline Jones.It happened thirty-five years in the past.But sadly, it was destined not to last.
Oh why dont you love me h why dont you look at me like you used to look at her like you used to smile at her
*WHY* _I HAD_ *TO* _PONDER_ _Wandering exploring to discovery transportation, heading deep into the future_ .
Fuck we had it to the neck, until the whole situation became violence, when we refused to keep silence. they killed our brothers murdered our sisters.
Most times people condone a torn book 📙 because it has no cover. However it's contents could heal the world. Meanwhile a fancy backed book 📙 may likely
Yup... I'm Used To Them Now.. !!! People Acting FOUL … !!! Cos' of Things That Come Out of My LOGICAL Mouth … !!! LOGICAL Thoughts That Seem To Wage WAR … ?!? In The Minds Now Inclined To … Live In DENIAL … !?!
Chains tighten on my feet I'm stuck at this same place Your past grinds against my bones Disgust fills my throat I look at you with hatred For you are the only thing I love
Ya Know ... It REALLY is True ... ! A LOT of People AIN'T Cool ... !!! And Be Trying Their BEST To Bring You STRESS ... !!!! Some It Seems Are ENVIOUS Thieves ... Who Be PLOTTING Schemes And DEVIOUS Deeds ... !!!
One Must Show COMPOSURE When Facing Exposure ... To Ignorant Heads Showing ... DISRESPECT ... !!!!!! Like Those QUICK To Run Their JEALOUS Gums ... Who ACT As Though They Fear ... NO FOE ... !!!!!!!
At first glance  A pretentious, hypocrite With a disposition to be horny   Elio Elio Elio   Twisting words so compelling 
Why DENY Me Because I'm Black ... !?! Why Try To Stab Me In My Back ... !?! Why PUT ON ACTS ... ? Why Be Like That ... !?!?! I'M SAYING Man Stick To THE FACTS ... !!!
Im only 18 And i have already found my deepest fear My worst nightmare  And i know that it will probably change as the time goes by  But now here it is  Fear that in the end
ARROGANCE ... Or ... Self BELIEF ... ?????? Which of These Is Part of ME ... ? I Have An Idea But What Do You See ... ? Some Have Said They See ... VANITY ... !!!!! Well For Many Years I Saw ..... UGLY ......
I Guess I Am THAT GUY ... Who'll Get The EVIL EYE ... For Being WHO I AM ... And NOT Giving A DAMN ... !!!!! A DAMN About What You Think ... When I Use My Mouth ...
MEDUSA- A modern Interpretation Poem by: The Poetic Truth Productions By Nini   She was innocent But yet she was found guilty   Devoted to making society a better place, 
What is Jealousy ?  Jealousy is a monster it grabs ahold of you  and controls your thinking What causes Jealousy? Lack of self confidence Poor self image Fear and insecurity How to deal with Jealousy? Build your self-confidence  Fix your mental an
Blossoming remorseSage scented liesBlank minds begging to be divorced from themselvesDiscouraged by the aroma of the room.
You sap my life of joy, Rival, With those words of doubt. I love and you can't, Rival And drive affections out.
All the smiles all the laughs All the good times you have together Each one of them lasts   In my memory Downloaded from a screen and it hurts so much to see them
Be it a single lumen or roaring bonfire, my feelings for him burn purple; Pink (love) + Blue (lust).
There is no denying it, she was first I imagine her next to you, your arm wrapped around her As it had once been wrapped around me Sometimes I wish I were a less kind soul
You think no one tells me, You think I'll never see, You think I don't have a silent plea,
Imagine waking up early and feeling all happy Then by nine pm, you've got all snappy The girl you loved is now a whore And you're one wrong word from a hole in the wall
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass, For jealousy leads to hate. But damn, she has such a nice, fat ass, And everything else she has is great. 
To all my friends, I am quite jealous. To all my enemies,  I am quite jealous. For you, in contrast of me,  have a "best" friend you see,  who seems to make you quite zealous.   
I will never mean as much to you as she does And everytime I think of that my heart breaks to pieces I haven't ever threatened to leave like she does Or hope you hate yourself like she does
Everything is Everything,  My hand possesses no wedding ring,  And my mommas don't either,  But she still sings. In the kitchen on Sunday morning, 
  The Monster Under Your Bed   It's 1:00am and It´s time to sleep . The green eyes lurking under your bed.
She scans him She talks about him She gets to his hair And his eyes And his lips But looks at them Like they're Her hair And her eyes And her lips She's so greedy
my throat chokes on the green ivy erupting from my esophagusas I watch you all walk by with ease,as if life is such as breeze,as if you have no cares, no worries,no more fucks to give
  The old farm stood alone and still. A car made gravel fly. Elise braked and shut the door. “I’m wrecked, why even try?”  
Odd as it seems, I don’t remember where I was. I just remember my sister wanting to cuss
I wish you talked about me the way you talk about him. You float through thoughts of him while I drown in thoughts of you. Your aching lungs are full again and you swear you found your breath
I love him His beautiful smile His cerulean blue eyes His midnight hair. He loves me My blank face My dirty blonde hair My emotionless brown eyes. He loves him That bloody red head
Do not assume I am in love with you. Do not think that my hands clenching the front of your shirt in tight fists, are clenched tight with the desire to pull you close. My hands are holding you because you are here.
I wish I was as talented as you I wish I could act like you I wish I could use my fire, my desire, to fuel myself like you I'm not as creative as you
Let me tell you where I'm at Here at night supposedly alone, Listening to songs that make me feel whole. However there is Disappointment, Self hate and his sister Anxiety, All of them sleeping over.  
I’m really missing you today I feel as if I have been watching your life through glass windows Perhaps it is the distance that is driving me towards insanity
I have been in lust, jealousy pain anger depression confusion,  but never have I been in love. 
Darkness envelops me from that speck of light that I aimed to reach for Parents didn't believe in my depression and marked it off as "wants for attention"
i see the way you look at her, like life your depended on it, like you would take your last breath if she was extinct, i see the way you look at her, And wish that i could be in her shoes,
Amorphous filling Multicolored dynamo It can't tame the beast
The smile on my lips, its pure bliss.  But you burned my heart,
A blissful creature dwells evidently, For good,  Hoping its jealous killer's lost mind never opens portals, Quietly, reveling sufficient treasures.
And in the end we were Better off without each other. My epiphany about my Unhappiness while i was with You, caused me to see it so.
Hollow Heart
You're golden girl! They have yet to know your worh, just show them girl! Show them you award winning smile. Smile every time you see them, hide that pain long as a mile.
Of Kids & Nations   A little boy was asked To try to surpass The kid in front of him.
Though my stars be dark and my spirit black It is not without reason that you find this lack Of empathy, pity, mercy, or care For others of similar gare.   My stars were darkened by the sun
i can already see a crown on her head everyone loves her even that physics teacher who hates everyone  gives her a smile when she walks in i sit at the back of the class and hate her
Jealousy is the ugliest trait People with jealousy problems Have self esteem issues; I gotta try putting myself in their shoes   I know its not always about me I have to get a definant reality check
Always looked out never inside in,  Always overcome with jealousy, Always suicidal with envy.    I couldn't see me for me,  I had to dream to feel free,  And it took me years to realize,
n the end, it’s all paybackYou take one step forward but two backIn your mind you can play it backBut you made your move, you can’t take it back.
My eyes can see like a hawk, my ears hear like a hound I can see that there is no more us, I can hear this heart breaking sound
I'm looking in on a life that's not mine Its not even a nine You got me jealous Acting all over zealous You're far from perfect as can be seen by your life
She always had that green eye No one ever knew why Only took her a second to lie Oh you know she was slicker than sly Did whatever she could to reach the top She couldnt be stopped
I had a man who sang me songs,each strum on his guitar echoedin my mind each night before Islept in coral reefs, how hebelieved my hair was a silvermoon melting within water.
you used me you manipulated me
sometimes I can't say what's in my head  but all I know now  is that your very words are like music to my pitiful ears  and I can almost feel my heart beating when I'm with you. almost.
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
I'm on the airport and they put on Thor 2.  And as I looked up and watched it,  I thought so much of you.  I look to the right and instead of you I see my mother.  And I remember your smile so perfectly. 
There's a monster. It doesn't live under my bed, Or make the floorboards creak at night. It doesn't tap at the window, Or make eerie sounds. It doesn't cast shadows on the wall, Or grope at my throat.
Jealousy is the enemy That get into me That cause anger . Pain. And envy Makes you feel so empty to the world Trying to Live life in the world But stuck in an underworld Trapped by your heart
Step step run . Someone's trying to pull the trigger of the gun. Trying to shot your happiness and joy. The gun of jealousness. The gun of hate The gun that trys to ruin your fate.. but if you turn around and try to ignore it
Some say that bitterness is what broke you, and ripped your seams apart. But whatever it was that consumed you, longing is what lies inside your heart. A longing to be better, is the single thread that binds you.
I follow as a poison-tipped arrow would, tracking the heels of Achilles, honing in on a weakness you were powerless to prevent   my path is one of greed, hunger, thoughtless self
Ten feet deep in eternal sleep Fell from a cliff with the rest of the snow white sheep I look up in envy of the black one who doesn't weep Lying in this red valley My body, blood, and soul Is it's
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
Why was I so afraid of there being other girls in his life? Because I wanted I wanted to be number one in his eyes But that, wasn't up to me to decide  
Seventeen Im done Im sick and tired Of your shun Its icy Blizzardly My price Is misery I suffice. Im sick Im done. Youre not the only one. My head, it hurts
One, two, three.
Golden hair that waves about her shoulders
Never seek to tell thy Love
You know me better than anyone You love me more than all My jealousy towards the second son
Jealousy is a disease, Eating away all uniqueness; Distorting the beautiful image starring back.  
An unholy attraction, That leaves me torn apart at the seams. Each word, each glance, Slowly shreds the delicate stitching, Holding me together.  
  Every once in a while, someone will bring you down,
She watches gladly as the curtains fallCheers happ’ly when they rise again to showConfetti litters wooden floor like snowThe leader stands in front to watch them all.She cups her hands in hopes they’ll hear her call:
  Yo dad You remember signing my birth certificate? I bet you were so glad What about when I first got my ears pierced You remember right You were there when I shed those tears
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
You confront me with your fears and all your selfish desires But have you ever thought that your obstacles or hurdles you've compiled? You never lifted a finger or even got off your ass
Tossing, turning,
It puts men to their knees, Powered by rage and blinding love    Even the greatest will wither and hide Entering their own soul’s hell of irreversible pride.          
jealousy tastes like bile licks at your insides, leaving blisters in its wake
It’s hard to miss something you never really had, But that’s all part of not having a dad Don’t get me wrong, I wish he were here, But like always he’s no where near. He’d be angry to know I’ve lost all respect, 
Fear Black and cold as an evil man’s heart Courses through the veins of all who experience the unknown Struck like an icy hard bell in the dead of winter, cold pulse reverberating off every stone wall Fear  
I'm a statistic because of my family.I'm the derivative of a broken home.A shattered background of instability and hardship defines me.The remnants of my childhood are just bits and pieces
Is this what jealousy feels like? I feel sick to my stomach and my head hurts The tears threaten to force their way past the walls that I’ve built And I feel guilty for feeling this way.
What has me?JealousyJealousy ruins Everything. I am jealousy you bestfriend,Your ex. How can I learn how to cope?I cope by telling you.How do you respond?Your jealous of Erica?
What has me?JealousyJealousy ruins Everything. I am jealousy you bestfriend,Your ex. How can I learn how to cope?I cope by telling you.How do you respond?Your jealous of Erica?
I hate how, she my bestfriend, Is your ex....Yes, I am jealousOf her.She's too prettyShe's too perfectUnlike me.. I'm not prettyI'm not perfectLike she is.
There was a strange smell that filled the earth that day It smelled like minty green with a touch of red roses It captured beauty in the sense of hate I could hear it coming down into my heart
(1) Wings that soar,        (2) Wings colored with beauty,             (3) Wings so delicate, so fragile.      (4) Wind blows setting the wings off course,          (5) The wings try to fight the wind,         (6) But the gentle wings lose the bat
Its like swallowing flint To be here. Among the talented people The children of broken homes Motor homes And hill-top homes. From the highest of life To the lowest of lows Poets, word weavers,
You say I lie I clearly can't remember Everyone forgets about me in December Friends quickly turn into enemies toward me No one seems to be talking about anything but me In a cruel way nothing but hidden laughs
Is it wrong of me to be jealous that you loved them first? It’s probably silly. I loved before you. But, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been with you all along.
We all know about that sudden change of mood. Somebody says something nice but you respond with something rude. You see something you don't like but it's really nothing to be mad at.
Happiness Is a bunny Of fluffy cotton That grows Like water And strives Like a flower Jealousy Is the death Of a relationship that Is hurting from Lack in trust
Don't hate your older sister because of the footprints she leaves. The ones that stretch as far as you can see. In both directions. Don't hate her because of how miniscule, microscopic, and tiny your own foot seems.
Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm? Friends in vast places Skills and a swift mind Creativity, athleticism, and all
When we first met we didn't think much Three years of knowing each other, we still don't think much Little glances, soft touches
When it rains, I am always jealous of the droplets. The journey from the clouds, miles above, Cannot be the easiest one, But they nonetheless make it down to earth And I,
Her name is Glory. His name is Lu. She is the Imperator. He is one of her elite praetorian guard. She is love and honor incarnate. He is the most beautiful and honorable of Glory's praetorian guard.
I lie here at night And scream with fright At the sight Of the green eyed monster In my mirror It is my face I see But my eyes are not me They are green with envy My feelings are a frenvy
Mother and Daughter, hand in hand, with love so strong, so dear, Walk across the meadow with not a single fear. Their hearts are joined with reverence, deep like the oceans.
Jealousy is a spiteful thing Yet we all feel it, inside our souls, waiting to burst out oozing from a crevice deep inside To be jealous is human an emotion that can’t be stopped
“Hey Kenley”, words spoken from soft lips, The curve of her smile corresponds with her hips. “Nice Tits”, I think, while they press on my chess… During a hug, but it fades when we hear footsteps,
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