There was a strange smell that filled the earth that day

It smelled like minty green with a touch of red roses

It captured beauty in the sense of hate

I could hear it coming down into my heart

It beated rapidly having the loudest screams that could be heard miles away

The feeling felt haunting yet repetitive

Looking at my clenched fists something came into me

Transforming me to feel anger and hate to whoever considered themselves to be greater than me

I marched on that day with no feeling but wanting to be everybody but me

I still held the mystery of what the feeling was called

It tasted like peppermint candies bundled in tears

Looking down at my fingers counting all emotional feelings

None of them classified me

My pride was rather high but there was still that thought of wanting to be something else

Someone richer,prettier,and happier

Then that is when I found jealousy written on me

As I threw the feeling away I saw someone pick it up behind me.


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