Best Friend

“Hey Kenley”, words spoken from soft lips,

The curve of her smile corresponds with her hips.

“Nice Tits”, I think, while they press on my chess…

During a hug, but it fades when we hear footsteps,

Diamond studs pierced up, right below a fresh cut.

So fly, he’s buckled up; Me thinking “What the f-ck?”

He’s like a superstar, without the crowd and applause,

I can’t see to find his flaw, I clench my jaws because…

I’m not the boyfriend, I’m the best friend

“I love him so much”, I know who him is… I HATE him!

Screw him! Shut up Kenley, You wish him were you,

That’s True… She’s online! Oh my god, I’m so happy!

Then I feel crappy, cause after a while; she ain’t chat me…

Status says “I Love talking to him”… She’s not talking to me

Damn, I hate… and wanna be him, that’s called jealousy

But I’m Kenley! I have everything but you, that’s not enough

It’s really tough… but I gotta suck it up, because…

I’m not the boyfriend, I’m the best friend

(20 West)



You're poem is AMAZING ! ... I hope that who ever you're talking about will come along, you're sweet and probably cute <3 Keep up the good work ;)

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