Lady of Silver

There is no denying it, she was first

I imagine her next to you, your arm wrapped around her

As it had once been wrapped around me

Sometimes I wish I were a less kind soul

So I could despise her as I pleased

But, alas, I stop myself

And even as the thought of her with you tears me to pieces

I admit to myself that she has the higher ground

There is no denying it, she and I are too similar

And many may call it irony

But this is reality, not a Victorian manuscript

And she and you and I are real people in the real world

We are more than mere words on a page

Happy endings are not a guarantee

They are a gamble, a hazard, a war

For happiness for one means sorrow for another

There is no denying it, she was first and I was second

But second place does not win gold



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