A Modern Interpretation of the Misunderstood Medusa

MEDUSA- A modern Interpretation

Poem by: The Poetic Truth Productions By Nini


She was innocent

But yet she was found guilty


Devoted to making society a better place, 

But yet she wasn't given their grace


Yes, she worked hard to be perfect

But little did she know that this would soon become a conflict


She admired her boss,

& it was in her desire to please her in everything that she does


All her assignments were flawless

Her distinguishing personality was doubtless

And her beauty was oh, so endless


Her co-workers began to favor her more than her boss

Because she knew how to get all her care and love across

Through all of the office chaos


She dedicated her endless servitude to her boss 

Just to end up being double-crossed


Her boss became envious towards her 

Because she was always portrayed as better


One day,

She made her worker spend countless hours working in the night

Finishing assignments with only a slit of light


But during those dark hours,

The boss's rival came into the office

And found the boss's worker working on those papers stacked in towers


The rival was finally here

And just as he came

So did the RAIN


He was here to take away the boss's prized possession

Which could only be obtained through her worker's affliction


Her worker,

Being abandoned by her life's long admiration and aspiration 

was left to his COLD, HARD AGGRESSION.


He used the waters to his advantage

Causing her to not escape, 

But to endure all this bondage


Yes, you can say that he was the KING of all the waters

As he was able to manipulate the waters within her body,

And the rain outside of the lobby 


He took the boss's prized possession

and left her worker in great DEPRESSION



But yet, she was found guilty of a scandal

Between rivaling companies


All that she ever wanted was her bosses APPROVAL

But what she did reap was her own REMOVAL 


Her boss could not believe that she betrayed the company

In such a way of deceit

Giving her only prized possession to the enemy


She was no longer worthy to be compared to her boss,

And she was stripped of all her PERFECTION

And she was now given a life long IDENTIFICATION


She will be a monster in society,

And she will be hated by all those in the business community


The boss was able to take out her jealousy on her worker,

 And she made her a monstrous figure,

Who would only cause trouble


She was a victim of RAPE,

But the boss made her feel guilty for her FATE

And told her that she PROVOKED her rival into this UNAUTHORIZED act

And she allowed him to steal her most prized possession


Now everywhere that she goes

She must bear the SHAME 

That comes along with her NAME

And she shall be called:


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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