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When we first met we didn't think much
Three years of knowing each other,
we still don't think much
Little glances, soft touches

I tried to break your armor,
but you wouldn't let your guard down.
You wanted something better
But I'm a stubborn girl

Finally the gleam of light
Shone down on you and me at last
Then we fell
We're still descending
Descending, descending

Passion only lasts for so long
Like a bonfire in the summer
If wood fuels the fire
Then what can fuel ours?

Deforestation, passion only lasts for so long
Burnt out, burnt out
Don't let it happen
Don't let your lips let it happen

Stay sweet, stay sweet
Until sour moves in quick
I won't let it happen
I refuse to let it happen
Mutual fear, mutual love


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