Ex-Best Friend

You think no one tells me,

You think I'll never see,

You think I don't have a silent plea,

That this is the worst it'll ever be.


Did you ever realize that I have feelings too?

That I wasn't only there for you?

But yet as we grew?

I think I finally found my clue,

That even at our friendship's debut,

That you were still only in it in the interest of you.


Did you realize that I cried?

That as you hurt, I hurt on the inside?

Did my care leave you feeling unsatisfied?

When you cried and inside I died?

Did you want others to be with you, allied?

And even as you lied-

I still stayed, friendship implied.


But yet, boys took first,

Even as they made you out to be the worst.

And into that world, I dived, headfirst,

Sticking around to dry your tears,

Manage your fears,

And so it was for a couple of years,

Until I finally listened to my peers.


Finally, I told you, our friendship was done.

Sadly, I thought, that I had won.

Yet your mouth started to run.

And words flew out that were to stun.

And truly it seemed to anyone and everyone,

That our friendship was like a hit-and-run,

Saying that I had left you with none.


Yet, still I cry,

My tears hardly have a chance to dry.

My smile sometimes becomes a bit wry,

As you continue to make me out as the bad guy.

Maybe it's true, you were always pretty sly.

I just never thought you'd make my life into such a pigsty.

And yet I wipe another tear from my eye.

Just leave me with the happy memories to remember you by.


And please, leave us alone.

Every word you say seems like another stone thrown.

Some people are saying that the war is full-blown.

However, your reasons are truly unknown.

As you sit on your high and mighty throne.

You send your words out in a cyclone,

Yet here I am, only able to groan.


Your friends ask why I'm mad.

Truly, I'm really quite sad.

What happened, there was never a true fight to be had.


You said okay when I said it was the end,

That text you really did send.

Yet here you are with nothing to defend,

Trying in vain to find someone to befriend.

All I have to say is goodbye ex-best friend.


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