Pt 3

And in the end we were
Better off without each other.
My epiphany about my
Unhappiness while i was with
You, caused me to see it so.

How is it possible to be in
Someone's presence and yet
Feel so terribly, incredibly,
Lonely? To feel like no one
Cared about my inner demons.

With you, i never felt adequate
Enough. After all, you did have All those girls chasing you; and
you let them. You let them feed
Onto all my insecurities .

You lacked the skills required
To make a girl feel like she is wanted.
Or at least not in the long run.
You were not the same person
You pretended to be in the begining.

You promised to give me the
World, when you didnt even give
Me the time of day. I do not
Know what compelled me to keep
Going, but i did. I did, miserably.

And now, finally, seven months
Later, i see that i am better off.But
i must thank you because
Without the pain you caused i would
Never have found complete bliss.


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