Mon, 03/13/2017 - 23:57 -- nl2018

my throat chokes on the green ivy erupting from my esophagus
as I watch you all walk by with ease,
as if life is such as breeze,
as if you have no cares, no worries,
no more fucks to give
I watch you walk by with your smiles
fingers interlaced with those of significant others,
happiness not spray painted on your face
but embedded into your sweat glands,
and I wonder
how is it possible to breathe in life and not want to die,
how can people live in this world and feel alive,
how can i exist next to those are in bliss even as the world is crashing around them
my soul is emerald at the center, a shining, sparkling gem
of envy
I'm jealous that you're all so happy
when I can't even breathe 

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