Jealousy Screws Everybody

Golden hair that waves about her shoulders
She wears rip-off cashmere short-sleeve dresses
Eyes that seduce with a chocolate gaze
She cakes on mascara and cheap lipstick
Her body is olive and silk
My body is porcelain and pure
Her curves are smooth 
And luscious
My lines are straight 
And cryptic

He says
That you’re everything he’s ever wanted
You contort your body 
With sex that makes him crazy
But Girl you’re too cold
You are made of sparkling ice
Pain cannot grow inside your frozen breast
Girl you’re too cold
For me to adore you

Brown locks that are cropped about my ears
I wear long-sleeve sweaters and state-made jeans
Sharp blue eyes that burn with golden halos
I have skin too delicate for make-up
Her body is sculpted and safe
My body is hidden and hot
Her curves are soft
And sexy
My lines are sound
And unknown

He begs
For the one who gives him the most pleasure
You gift him with rank flesh
And a bed that keeps him drunk
But Girl you’re too cold
You are made of metallic parts
Love cannot thrive inside your frozen heart
Girl you’re too cold
For me to adore you

What happened to our eccentric friendship?
You fell down one night on my broken bed
I told you, you couldn’t feel guilty
So you decided to stop feeling
I desired to try to heal us
But you were lost in your own lies
Blinded by your own faulty surprise
Her curves are fake
And stupid
My lines are strong
And reckless

He found
Me, writing an eccentric rip-off write
I did not know he was yours
I fell in love with his eyes
You became so cold
You found us out in that sad place
Hate blossoms and wins in your frozen mind
Girl you can’t forgive
But I miss you anyway

Girl I’m in love
If you knew me you’d understand
Jealousy has screwed us all
I was jealous of you
You are jealous of me
He loved your sex
He loves my poems
What can I say?
 Girl I promise
I’ll always keep you alive
In my sinful, eccentric writes


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