Jealousy Monologue


Tossing, turning,

Sweating, burning. Trapped in a slumber that is not easily broken.  You haunt my dreams. I see you, Feel you, Smell you . . .  But WHO are you?  Innocence in full bloom, A heart that has not yet been broken -  One that is not afraid to love.   Running gracefully - Floating, really - Just beyond my reach.  Weary, I call out, asking you to stop. However, a light-hearted laugh is your reply.  I stop but you continue. Floating, laughing; golden hair dancing in your wake.  I am awakened, broken-hearted. For I have fallen in love with you: A simple idea.  A nonexistent entity of pure, untamed beauty.  Envy courses through my veins, As an altered reality taunts me with the concept of what I am not And perhaps what I shall never be.


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