The Monster Under Your Bed


The Monster Under Your Bed


It's 1:00am and It´s time to sleep .

The green eyes lurking under your bed.

your heart, your soul he's ready to keep.

You think for a moment it's all in your head.


White sheets, the color of innocence.

The moon rises the sun sets.

This story is full of suspense.

Your whole body begins to sweat.


The monster appears in your room.

Your first instinct is to fight.

You may not ever be a groom.

Once you're dead you'll fly like a kite.


You run, run, run down the stairs.

Only to realize he is there first.

Your body he'll be ready to share.

The monster is dying of uncontrollable thirst.


His long dark brown nails.

mark where he will take his first bite.

The monster came straight out of a fairy tale.

Your choice of weapon is a knife.


The knife is to dull to kill him completely.

It barely makes a dent.

He laughs at you so sweetly.

As if he knew this would be a fun event.


It's now 5:00 in the morning

The moon is starting to fall

He starts his kill without a warning

You reach for the phone to make your last call.


¨911 What´s your emergency?¨

You need help now.

Your voice shows a sense of urgency.

The police is on there way they vow.

The sun is beginning to glow

The monster can't live in the sun.

       You finish him in one go

You run to the bed like a bullet from a gun.


The police finally arrive.

They came too late.

The clock rang at 8:05.

Today will be remembered as an important date.







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