It puts men to their knees,

Powered by rage and blinding love   

Even the greatest will wither and hide

Entering their own soul’s hell of irreversible pride.        


The very thoughts of it make women laugh,

Thinking how fun it is making them foolish

Even the good hearted are tempted beyond care

To see men’s fury and irrational thoughts declared.


It will conquer the island of which we call a heart,

Pushing out any devotion or using it as its slave             

Even the pure within a world of sinners will show

That God himself would not dare to interfere or control.         


Wading through the fires of Hades is preferable

Turning men into sadistic beasts, how wretched      

Even the complex beings cannot avoid the transformation

Distorting the minds of entire nations.


It will never cease to curl the mind and coil the heart                           

Forever changing how we perceive life and death

Because even the unalterable will lose their sanity

Losing this game of life to plain and simple; jealousy. 


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