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Imagine waking up early and feeling all happy

Then by nine pm, you've got all snappy

The girl you loved is now a whore

And you're one wrong word from a hole in the wall

But then you're back again cause she's done nothing wrong

She's no mockingbird singing a liars song

She loves you for you and would never cheat

And be by your side in less than a heartbeat

Your subconscious gnaws at your self-esteem

and those issues you've had since you're a pre-teen 

Those daddy issues you never wanted to handle

Or the overwhelming exhaust from the overlit candle

Who's wax dries heavily to the floor

As family and friends beg for more

It was never her fault and deep down you knew it

This is a battle between yourself and you gotta push through it

No innocent lives or friendly casualties

No stranger should have to handle any of these

Man versus his mind and his mind versus his body

To others, he's himself, to others nobody

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