Mon, 12/04/2017 - 14:27 -- itry

I will never mean as much to you as she does

And everytime I think of that my heart breaks to pieces

I haven't ever threatened to leave like she does

Or hope you hate yourself like she does

I haven't ever thrown you under the bus like she does

Or tear you into pieces like she does

I have never pulled you into lies and schemes like she does

Because I have better ideas

Of friendship

And I pay attention

To how you feel

And when you're hurt how long it takes you to heal

I care, I truly do

But you

I never take for granted

And I never ever plan to

But I always feel less

Like she can make whatever mess

And you'd still beg for her back

And I never ask

Because I'm too scared to know the answer

So I cry in shameful manners

And I hate myself for wondering

But I'm always considering

Maybe it's because I'm easier

And she always keeps you busier

With dumb things and silly anger

She who puts a damper

On happiness

And because of my willingness

To make things work

And because she's a great white shark

Maybe that's only how you think you feel

Because she's hurt you to make you think you'll never heal

Maybe I do mean as much

Maybe I've misjudged

But I've heard you say time and time again

How she was your best friend

When all she does is hurt you

But it's always been you two

So what do I know

Maybe she'll undergo


Maybe I'm overwhelmed with jealousy

I don't think so though because I'm not carelessly

Taking you for granted like she does

But what do I know

I know I never take you for granted

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