Thu, 09/29/2016 - 22:11 -- jxxh

Do not assume I am in love with you.

Do not think that my hands clenching the front of your shirt in tight fists,

are clenched tight with the desire to pull you close.

My hands are holding you because you are here.

and nothing more.

Do not get attached.

Do not mistake my lips against yours for lustful words unspoken. 

My tongue is not an invitation for you to expell your feelings.

I know you won't.

Your lips are convenient, but it's him that is on my mind.

Nails cut like razor blades as they roll over my curves,

and your confession of lust twists my insides with counterfeit impulses. 

Your actions are forged in fire,

as are mine.

We are using each other to pierce another with a spear of jealousy.

Who then is to get stabbed?

For it is not her, nor he, that will die of a broken heart.

It will be either you or me. 

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