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We all know about
that sudden change of mood.
Somebody says something nice
but you respond with something rude.
You see something you don't like
but it's really nothing to be mad at.
They say it's friendly conversation
but you see it going past that.
Well you know what?
I can't stand that.
I'm guilty of it.
Yes, I'll admit that.
I know it's not just me.
Y'all see everything I see;
Idk why you won't address it.
Probably because your attitide towards it
is so unexpected.
Most of the time,
I force myself to bite my tongue.
That's because in all acutality
they've done nothing wrong.
The mere thought of
someone else having your attention
Makes me feel like, internally,
There's something missing.
The short texts and the insiders [laughs]
just aren't enough, because
Jealousy is what I have.


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