Jealous Love


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Her name is Glory.

His name is Lu.

She is the Imperator.

He is one of her elite praetorian guard.

She is love and honor incarnate.

He is the most beautiful and honorable of Glory's praetorian guard.

She loves all her subjects, soldiers, and her guard equally.

He loves his brothers-in-arms and fellow guards, but, he only loves her with all his heart.

Her will is his and he carries out her commands without hesitation or question.

But she shows love to outsiders, commoners, those below his station;

Undeserving of her love and attention.

Glory dares to ask him to show the commoners love and to care for them.

After all Lu has done for her she dares to ask him to care for these forms that have barely pulled themselves out of the primordial muck.

Lu decides that she is no longer capable of making decisions of worth and plans a coup d'etat so that he can so that he can be on the throne and show her the error of her way of thinking.

His coup d'etat proved to be a failure and, with much sadness, Glory banished him from the empire.

He now wanders alone, lost, bitter, and sad

For he will never again be graced by the radiant glow of the purest love ever.


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